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About baxtton.com

Baxtton is the curator of a huge exhibition to which you’re all invited. It’s a must for all men fascinated by design, fashion, technology and much more. Constantly on the lookout for new trends, the baxtton.com team will captivate you with its dreamy collection of innovative products and accessories.


Baxtton.com magazine is a great source of inspiration. Produced with passion and full of surprises, its pages will take you by storm. Our special editions, as well as our photo gallery, have been specifically tailored to quench your thirst of curiosity. The magazine’s exquisite photos will delight your artistic eye and invite you to enter a parallel universe. Baxtton is a carefully designed solution to your unique consumer needs. Each of our editions will take you on an exclusive journey of discovery where the word “curator” takes on full significance: baxtton.com | Curated Products for Living.



Frédéric Deshaies
Business Development (co-founder)

Frédéric is a smart consumer and a communicator at heart. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing, and has extensive knowledge of the Web-surfing waters, which he navigates daily. Created with men in mind, Baxtton is the ideal tool to keep the gentlemen up to date with the latest products, be it gadgets, chic accessories or even a new chef’s knife. Men like Frédéric will never pass on any noteworthy trend again ever again.


Marie-Claude Lalancette
Publishing & Content (co-founder)

Men have always been at the heart of Marie-Claude’s world, and she has now combined this passion with publishing. The result? A fusion that gave birth to Baxtton, an upscale magazine suitable for all the men in her life. With more than fifteen years of publishing experience under her belt, Marie-Claude creates tailored content that appeals to the professional, the technophile, the epicurean and the athlete.


J.F. Mailhot
Art Direction, Photography

Jean-François has never hesitated to dive into new technologies. A long-time fan of analog film, this seasoned photographer has now embraced all the artistic possibilities of the digital age. Baxtton provides him with an opportunity to combine his love of photography with design and urban living. Jean-François brings to Baxtton his highly professional work as well as his breathtaking shots.


Many talented journalists and writers contribute every day to offer you quality content: Samuel Auger, David Charron, Stéphanie Côté, Alan Fawcett, Bertrand Godin, Maxime Johnson, Costa Mouzouris, Marie Normand, David Santerre, Tom Timmons, Patricia Trépanier and Marie-France Vincent.


Baxtton.com takes all possible precautions to ensure factual accuracy in its pages and it is not responsible for errors in the information published. Reproduction of editorial content, in full or in part, is forbidden without prior written permission of baxtton.com.