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Baraonda, a Home Bar Made in Italy

May 23, 2014

MyYour got it right when they designed the Baraonda bar. Elegant, versatile and ergonomic, this bar is made up of modules, which can hold various appliances or provide storage space. Available in the color of your choice, Baraodna is equipped with RGT technology that allows for various light change effects worthy of the wildest nightclubs. Adjustment brackets and wheels allow you to place the bar at the right height and move it around. The foldable structure reduces its size by more than half for hassle-free transportation and storage.

Baraonda is made in Poleasy® plastic, a special polyethylene with a non-porous surface that ensures a longer service life and very little maintenance.

Ultra simple at first glance, Baraonda will give your indoor or outdoor spaces a huge boost. Only one last thing needs careful consideration: inside the house or on the terrace?


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: MyYour


Furniture, Terrace, MyYour


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