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EMSA Flow, for Perfectly Chilled Cocktails

May 22, 2015

Summer is all about barbecuing… and hot weather. EMSA’s Flow carafe keeps your beverages cool, making it a must-have for hot days by the pool and evening gatherings on the deck.

Simply remove the included ice pack from the freezer, place it in the base and set the carafe filled with your favourite cocktail on top. It will stay chilled for hours, simply and effectively!

Another great feature is the automatic closing flap on the pouring spout, preventing mosquitoes from sneaking a sip of your sweet beverage.

The Flow cooling carafe is great by the BBQ, letting master grillers pour themselves a drink while keeping an eye on the grill. Ideal for white or rosé wine and even sangria!


By: Marie Normand

Photos: Emsa


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