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33 Beers Journal, for True Beer Lovers

February 15, 2013

Calling all beer festival enthusiasts and hops lovers: you will be delighted with the brilliant 33 Beers journal. It’s perfect for recording thoughts or basic facts about different types of beer, and as it fits nicely into your pocket, it’s highly practical for keeping track of all your finds.


The journal features a “flavour wheel,” which allows you to assign a higher or lower score to certain characteristics of the beer. Connect the dots and you get a sketch of the beer’s particular taste based on your assessment.



Your brain and taste buds have a good but limited memory, as you are likely to forget specific details several days after tasting a particular kind of beer. For only $4, this handy journal will give your memory a serious boost.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: 33 Books Co.


Book, 33 Books Co.


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