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De l’Aubier Sap Water, Abundance You Can Drink

June 07, 2013

Recipient of the best water award at the 2012 Water Innovation Awards, De l’Aubier sap water, bottled by Eau Matelo, is sugar-free maple water. When maple producers collect sap water to extract its sugar and produce maple syrup, most of this filtered water is returned to nature. Thanks to a retrieval method, the first plant-based flat water, obtained from maple, is now available. Sustainable development at its best!


This vintage product is collected each spring in two Quebec sugar shacks, in Mirabel and Bromont. You won’t find a fresher product: less than one hour separates collection from bottling! You will appreciate its smoothness, subtle taste and purity, as it has not been subjected to any chemical processing. To be savoured in a stem glass. Cheers!


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: De l'Aubier


Eau, De l’Aubier


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