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Fire Cider by Union Libre, an Apple Elixir

November 16, 2012

Make no mistake: this is most definitely not an ice cider. Less sweet and with higher alcohol content, UNION LIBRE fire cider is actually made through a process that requires heat. After pressing the fruit, its juices are boiled at a sugar bush facility. The apple syrup is then left to ferment for several weeks and later placed in oak barrels or stainless steel vats to complete the aging process.


Made with a mixture of four different kinds of apples—Cortland, Empire, Spartan and McIntosh—this fire cider sports a deep amber-coloured shade and smells of honey, baked apple and candied fruit. Its alcohol level of 15.5% is barely noticeable.


UNION LIBRE fire cider has won many awards, including the International Cider Challenge 2012 in England.


Best when paired with cheese, foie gras or dark chocolate. www.unionlibre.com

By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Union Libre


Cider, Union Libre


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