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Absolut Craft, Revolutionary Flavoured Vodka

December 02, 2014

Absolut Vodka, working in close collaboration with legendary cocktail expert Nick Strangeway, launched its brand new–and eagerly awaited–line of flavoured spirits: Absolut Craft. After two years of research and 2 500 samples, three flavours were unveiled: Herbaceous Lemon, Smokey Tea and Bitter Cherry. What makes this product even more intriguing is that it is sold not to loyal customers, but to bartenders, having been developed by bartenders, for bartenders.

The new products are made with natural ingredients, macerated and distilled for optimum flavour. With the introduction of Absolut’s new vodkas, cocktails have taken on a whole new dimension: herbaceous raspberry cosmopolitan, smokey pineapple martini... The possibilities are endless!  

While Absolut introduced its flavoured vodka in 1986, flavoured spirits actually date back to the Middle Ages. In Scandinavia, hints of flavour, such as dill or caraway, were added to pure alcohol. 

Who knows what Absolut will come up with next!


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Absolut


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