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Hibiki Suntory Whisky, the Perfect Balance between Nature and Art

March 05, 2014

Hibiki 21 years old was named best whisky at the World Whisky Awards. Perfectly balanced, this exceptional whisky has what it takes to be a grand champion. Impossible not to succumb to this superb Japanese spirit!

Elegant and calm are certainly two words that come to mind when enjoying this whisky. Made by Suntory, Hibiki is produced with the degree of skill and care required by tradition. The company is committed to respect the harmony between people and nature, between abundance, transience and diversity.

Amber in colour with shades of bronze, this whisky has an underlying taste of dried apricots. On the nose, it features notes of blackberries, ripe bananas and caramel. With an intense and rich finish, Hibiki is certainly the ideal of perfection!


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Suntary


Whisky, Suntory


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