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Karlsson's Batch 2009, a Limited Edition Vodka

March 06, 2013

A vintage vodka. Yes, you read right, vintage vodka. How so? Karlsson's Vodka Batch 2009 is made exclusively from Solist Virgin New potatoes, grown in the south of Sweden in 2009. In general, these potatoes are served boiled with a touch of sea salt and dill. But in keeping with the Karlsson tradition and for this one time only, these potatoes are distilled especially for this vodka batch.

Also behind the production of Absolut vodka, Börje Karlsson, master blender of this famous spirit, selects each potato as carefully as grapes for winemaking. This exceptional spirit will awaken your taste buds with wonderful flavors, in particular, spicy notes of pepper, softened with sweet vanilla.

Only 1,980 bottles of Karlsson's Batch 2009 vodka were produced. How will you get your hands on one?


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Karlsson's Gold Vodka


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