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Quartz, Crystalline Glacial Vodka

March 04, 2015

Pure Quebec water from the Saint-Mathieu-Lac Berry esker... That is the not-so-secret ingredient in the new Quartz vodka unveiled by Eastern Townships’s Domaine Pinnacle.
Thanks to years of filtration, the glacial rocks in Quebec’s Great North give Eska water its exceptional purity. And Eska gives Quartz vodka¾microdistilled five times, cryo-treated and then microfiltered through quartz¾a pure, silky-smooth finish.
Served on its own or in a cocktail, this vodka, sourced from a Quebec glacier that receded over 8 000 years ago, has a velvety softness vodka connoisseurs are sure to appreciate. The use of superior quality grains make it a must-taste and a local treasure, crafted from water that is truly one-of-a-kind.
Microdistilled in small batches, Quartz vodka is expected to carve a choice place for itself among the country’s top-shelf spirits.

By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Domaine Pinnacle


Vodka, Domaine Pinnacle


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