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Tequila Avión, the World’s Best Tequila

October 11, 2013

At a tasting event during the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a panel of blindfolded judges rendered their verdict: Tequila Avión was voted the best tequila in the world. Made in Mexico and backed by years and years of know-how, this tequila is a true gem not to be missed. The 750 ml bottle retails for about $70.

The agave used to make Avión is grown in the highest areas of Jalisco, at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and is undoubtedly the secret of this strong and unique drink. Only part of the plant is used to make Avión. The agave is slowly roasted at very low temperature to keep all its natural flavours. The final step is an ultra-slow filtration method that aims at accentuating its smooth, delicious taste.

Tequila Avión is offered in three varieties: Silver, Reposado and Añejo. Enjoy it alone, with a wedge of lime or in a cocktail. Tradition and the pursuit of excellence now have a taste... and a name!


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Tequila Avión


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