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Tignanello, Grappa at Its Best

March 31, 2014

Tignanello, a fine grappa from among the best Tuscan vineyards, is produced by the Antinori dynasty. This most Italian of spirits ($72) is made by distilling the marc of Sangiovese and Cabernet grapes. This crystalline liquid is aromatic with the scent of flowers, spice, and a hint of coffee beans.

On the palate, notes of herbs and spice dominate. Despite its 42% alcohol, the coolness of this grappa makes it go down easy, with a long finish.

Use as a digestivo, of course—but why not as an accompaniment to lemon gelato, or a cranberry tart? Tignanello is destined to become a mainstay of your bar.


By: David Santerre

Photos: Antinori


Grappa, Antinori


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