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Golden4Box, a Case of Grands Crus by Cordier

May 23, 2013

By partnering with Véronique Debord, gilder and decorator, Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus is still one of the biggest players in the world of wines, and the Cordier Golden4Box case certainly showcases their French know-how. While the box was entirely designed by a Bordeaux artist, its contents include four exceptional bottles of Château d'Yquem, Premier Cru Supérieur Classé, with the historic vintages of 1967, 1947, 1937 and 1927.

It took over three weeks and twenty different stages to create this little gem. Véronique Debord worked traditionally by hand, as in the days of the Sun King. The 1,400 or so stars of the case were drawn and engraved by hand. All 24-carat gold leaves were applied one by one, while an agate stone was used to lend a glossy sheen to the surface, a truly arduous task!

The “Malette de créateurs” line, which includes the Cordier Golden4Box, consists of three models: a wooden case, a case crafted with 24-carat gold leaf, and a leather case. A Chinese businessman recently bought the Cordier Golden4Box case for €50,000, making this masterpiece the world's most expensive four-bottle wine case!


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Cordier Mestrezat


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