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Warre's Vintage 1970, the Secret to Aging Exquisitely

September 05, 2013

Port wines are known for blending elegance with balance, but not all ports are created equal. Steeped in a rich heritage, the Warre's Vintage 1970 is the perfect example. The 750 ml bottle of this award-winning port retails for $247.

With a colour that verges on brown and a touch of roasted coffee on the palate as well as on the nose, this dry port has a bittersweet mid-palate. Enjoy a quality wine with powerful aromas that will impress even the most demanding connoisseurs. An important detail: always remember to decant it before serving it, an essential step when drinking bottle-aged ports. This allows separating the sediment from the wine and keeping the aromas developed during the aging process.

To maximize enjoyment, pair it with cream cheese, blue cheese, or a dessert, although you can always keep it simple and try it alone. Simplicity never tasted so good!


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Warre’s


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