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Hot Pot BBQ, Original and Discreet

May 08, 2013

Disguised as a flower pot or fine herb container, the Hot Pot BBQ proves to be the prime example of original design and sheer practicality. To avoid having a huge—and often ugly—BBQ as the king of the deck, London-based Black + Blum has created a multi-purpose barbecue: when not in use, it adds a green touch to your balcony, and can even be used to grow herbs.

The Hot Pot BBQ is made of stainless steel and regular steel. Thanks to its ceramic outer shell, which gives it a terracotta pot look, the BBQ preserves heat most efficiently. This grill is used with briquettes and comes with stainless steel tongs.

Due to its innovativeness, originality and ingenuity, the Hot Pot BBQ garnered a mention for design at the Accent on Design Awards, during the New York International Gift Fair.

Ideal for small balconies or terraces, the Hot Pot BBQ camouflages perfectly in the urban jungle and is available for $124.


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Black + Blum


Terrace, Herbs, Black + Blum


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