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Bamboo Stagger by Brave Stage Design

February 04, 2013

The grand bamboo shelving unit designed and manufactured by Brave Stage Design can be described in two words: original and green.

The first descriptor speaks for itself, given the uneven size of the shelves on the Bamboo Stagger. This shelving unit is ideal for displaying an assortment of trophies and ornaments, your favourite books, old records to make you reminisce, and that atlas that just won’t fit in any other storage space. Its asymmetrical compartments make this piece of furniture both beautiful and practical.

As for its green component, the unit is made ​​from 100% solid bamboo, a material that provides an excellent finish. Bamboo trees have an incredible capacity to grow faster than any other tree. They can grow 40 feet in five or six years. In addition, bamboo is harvested by hand, and the adhesives used in the furniture manufacturing process are resistant and environmentally responsible.

But what matters most, of course, is that the Brave Stage Design Bamboo Stagger will give your decor that designer look you are looking for! Price: $2,975.


By: Marie Normand

Photos: Brave Space Design


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