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Electromagnetic Lamps by Floating Lamps

December 18, 2013

The mind-bending “Silhouette” and “Eclipse” lamps, from the Floating Lamps - Light-Light COLLECTION, were dreamed up by Angela Jansen, designer, and developed by Ger Jansen, mechanical and electrical engineer, both co-owners of Floating Lamps by Crealev. What makes these lamps unique is that the lampshade is in two parts, with the top half literally floating above the other. How do they levitate and stay balanced without being connected in any way? Not with invisible strings! The lamps use the latest in electromagnetic and LED technology, staying afloat while using significantly less energy.

These lamps are quite a remarkable visual achievement. The design for the Silhouette model is based on the iconic cone-shaped table lamp, offering a contrast between cutting-edge technology and a rather classic look. The Eclipse offers a more contemporary design, with its glass base and cylindrical shade, capped by a frosted glass cover, giving it a very elegant appearance.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Floating Lamps


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