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INTÉRIEURS COUTURE, or How the Great Couturiers Live

April 10, 2014

Over a period of 20 years, photographer Ivan Terestchenko visited and shot the homes of 19 of the world’s most illustrious fashion designers. With stunning interiors spanning three continents, Intérieurs Couture ever so lightly lifts the veil on the private lives of Yves Saint-Laurent and Coco Chanel. Did these arbiters of style live as gracefully at home as through their fashions?

Some, like Christian Louboutin, love stilettos as much as they do chic, minimalist design. Other homes, like that of Laudomia Pucci in Florence, are marked by an eclecticism that spans the centuries: the computer seems a perfect fit to a home that has seen queens and popes. Readers will enjoy the rare opportunity to visit Alaïa in Paris, Fahri in London, Armani in Saint-Moritz and Sozzani in Marrakech.

Abundant photos invite readers to their own insights into the private lives of our greatest fashion designers. Intérieurs Couture: $70.


By: Stéphanie Côté

Photos: Albin Michel


Book, Design, Architecture


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