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Victorinox Oyster Knife

November 29, 2012


If you are mad about oysters, why not take a crack at them yourself? With the Victorinox collection of efficient and sturdy oyster knives, you’ll be able to prepare your favorite oyster dishes with ease and style. The secret to shucking oysters like a pro is having a high quality tool, of course. The bright red handle of these knives provides the perfect grip for the job. This indispensable tool comes in various styles and sizes, and sells for $18.


Whichever opening technique you choose, Victorinox has the style for you. The Boston Style knife comes with a 4- or 3-inch blade that provides excellent leverage for prying open the shells. The 4-inch Galveston Style knife comes with a broader blade and a slightly rounder tip, ideal for all the steps of a sampling. The New Haven and Providence Styles both have a shorter blade (2 3/4 inches) and are the stronger than their counterparts.





By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Victorinox


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