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Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google

November 28, 2017

Several industries have benefitted from technological advances in recent years. In fashion, the most recent such advance—and one of the most impressive—comes from tech giant Google. This new technology will change the way we interact with our clothing. Google designed a highly technical fibre in Japan in 2015, called Jacquard™. When woven into a fabric, this smart fibre responds to touch similar to the touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet.

Google teamed up with Levi’s, the brand that revolutionized the fashion industry 140 years ago. It took two years for the collaborators to unveil the much-anticipated product, the LEVI'S® COMMUTER™ TRUCKER JACKET WITH JACQUARD™ BY GOOGLE ($350 USD). The fashionable smart-denim jacket is part of Levi’s popular commuter collection aimed at urban cyclists. When paired with a smartphone, ear buds and the Jacquard app, you can give different commands by simply brushing or tapping a section of the sleeve. Make a call, listen to a text message, use GPS navigation, pause, change or play a specific song, all while on the move. The future is now!



By: Patricia Trépanier

Photos: Google, Levi's


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