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The Burberry Umbrella, a Must!

October 25, 2012

Who hasn’t looked ridiculous holding a mangled umbrella that turned over with the slightest gust of wind? So why not invest in a stylish, good quality umbrella? It is after all part of your outfit! Burberry, the trench coat expert, has just launched a superb umbrella collection. The Brits are the savviest when it comes to offering high quality water-resistant accessories for rainy days. Choose from 22 different colours, motifs and handles; college stripes, solid colors or the classic Burberry check pattern.

Some models feature resin handles while others sport maple wood handles crafted by Italian artisans. They are a true work of art! The dandies of the 21st Century will proudly carry them “à la Beau Brummel”. Best be careful not to forget it anywhere…you may just lose it forever! Price: Between $340 and $1,350.


By: Patricia Trépanier

Photos: Burberry


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