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FEFE Glamour Pocket Squares

November 07, 2013

Add a touch of style, colour and uniqueness to your suits with Italian firm FEFÈ Glamour’s pocket squares. The company offers six collections of pure silk pocket handkerchiefs: Butterfly, Classic, Collection, Dandy, Pets and Scaramantia.

On each square, you’ll discover inspiring life quotes in Italian. The Classic model, for instance, reads “La semplicità è la forma della vera grandezza.” The brightly coloured prints are not only modern but also perfect to beautify your monochromatic outfits. If you follow fashion trends to the letter, you’re at the right place: the coolest printed designs and colours are available for €38. Whether you prefer a camouflage pattern or a skull and crossbones motif, you’re sure to find the perfect match in one of the collections.

Each square comes in a transparent plastic ball with a hole in the centre so you can see the product and feel it too. Elegance never felt so smooth!


By: Patricia Trépanier

Photos: FEFE Glamour Pochette


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