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Montblanc Leather Wallet

August 02, 2014

Many men do not put much thought into their choice of billfold, even though it is part of their look. Remember men, your wallet should not look beaten up or be filled to bursting! Why not opt for a remarkable accessory to carry your cash.... such as a Montblanc wallet?

Montblanc has designed luxury accessories for nearly a century. Its factory in Germany produces top-quality, refined leather wallets that will never go out of style. They also come with a number of options, including a compartment for your change. Montblanc wallets are durable and waterproof thanks to the use of chrome-tanned European leather. The jacquard lining gives it a sophisticated look and black is always chic and goes well with everything. The Montblanc logo is embossed on the leather inside while the outside features the emblem, a white ruthenium-coated ring.

My pick is the Westside Wallet because of its practicality. It offers a coin case, 11 slots for business cards and two compartments for bank notes.



By: Patricia Trépanier

Photos: Montblanc


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