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Persol sunglasses, Steve McQueen Special Edition

May 01, 2012

The trend is now vintage! However that doesn’t mean you’ll have to shop in second hand stores in order to find trendy accessories. Last year, the Italian company Persol relaunched the PO714 model; produced in 1968 and popularized by the actor Steve McQueen.


They are a must!
The lenses are made out of blue polarized crystal lenses. On top of having a clean look, you’ll find them extremely practical.  You can fold the frame and put it in your pocket. The quality is excellent; Persol takes double the time to make this pair, made by hand with the highest quality materials.The plastic frame is made out of acetate.



Persol World
In business since 1917, the first pair of Persol was made to satisfy the demand of airplane pilots and professional race car drivers. Do you remember the glasses with the elastic band that pilots use to wear? Yes, we can say that their products went to war.


By: Patricia Trépanier

Photos: Persol


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