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Blue Steel “Not a Replica” Razor by Baxter, a Fine Choice for the Shaving Purist

July 26, 2014

Beginners shouldn’t try this at home: this extremely sharp straight razor is also known as the cutthroat razor. The product’s blade folds into its handle, just as the good old razors used in the Far West. Perhaps that’s what Baxter craftsmen had in mind when they came up with this firearm-inspired design...

Blue Steel "Not a Replica" is a true work of art, mostly handmade by the talented team of Hart Steel, a company specializing in razors, and Baxter of California, the mind behind the design of this unique product.

Made of water-resistant steel, this razor comes in a storage box complete with a hex wrench for adjusting it if need be, as well as care instructions and a beautiful deerskin sleeve.

Strictly for shaving purists and lovers of authentic objects. Retails for $295.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Baxter of California


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