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Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil

November 19, 2012

Perhaps the idea of shaving oil is new to you, but it is in fact as old as shaving itself. If you've never tried it, it's time to get your hands on the very vintage Cromwell and Cruthers shaving oil. Once used to ensure a smooth, close shave, shaving oil was set aside to make way for less costly, more synthetic, and lesser quality products, such as foam or gel.

A must-have for your shaving kit, this natural product nourishes your sensitive skin while providing a perfect shave every day. All it takes is a few drops of oil to completely eliminate razor blade friction. The petite 15 ml bottle, available for $4.99, is the perfect size for travel and will last for over 100 shaves.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Cromwell and Cruthers


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