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TwinLuxe Shaving Skincare

November 08, 2012

Every man should have TwinLuxe’s shaving and facial skincare trio in his toiletry kit. These products are essential to proper facial skincare and will give your face a radiant appearance.

First, the very rich Smooth Shave Cream forms a protective barrier and provides an ultra close shave. Then, the Soothing Face Balm provides deep hydration without leaving your skin oily. And finally, the Booster Serum is the icing on the cake that will definitely change the way you shave. When applied before shaving, it provides double protection against the razor blade. Applied post-shave, it will give your skin a boost and calm irritation. You can also use it at any time for intense hydration or as an overnight repair mask. Price: $174.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: TwinLuxe


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