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YLF by Triumph & Disaster, a Body Wash that’s Good for Body and Mind

June 28, 2014

Triumph & Disaster is a New Zealand company that manufactures grooming products for men, including soaps and creams. Respecting the environment and using the best of science are the cornerstones of the brand. The company sees itself as a surrogate mother of sustainable development, not only in its manufacturing practices, but also in its corporate values.

YLF all purpose body wash is made from argan and rosewood oils, vitamin E, marine collagen and kawakawa extract, a medicinal plant with calming properties that comes from the Pacific Islands. At $47 for a 500 ml bottle, YLF offers the modern man everything he needs in a single product. Each body-care task can be taken care of with YLF, whether it’s washing your hair and body or shaving. Getting ready was never faster!


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Triumph & Disaster


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