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Emporio Armani Shoes, Comfort and Elegance

January 28, 2013

There is no question that all new Emporio Armani creations are synonymous with quality. Any watch, dress or  pair of shoes from this classic and trendy brand will most certainly enhance your look. The classy leather loafers are no exception, but style is not their only merit, as they also offer unparalleled comfort.


These shoes will help you achieve a flawlessly fashionable yet casual look. Refined and discrete, they go perfectly with both jeans or a suit. The brand embedded in the leather of the tongue is an emblem of the quality of these shoes, right down to the sole and the seams.



It’s the details that make this pair of shoes a must-have. They sell for $475.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Giorgio Armani


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