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Tom Ford Glam Sneakers

July 05, 2014

Show off your playful side without skimping on elegance! Tom Ford sneakers have all the makings of vintage footwear. Best of all, they offer something that, as time goes by, we can no longer neglect: aesthetic appeal and the versatility of fashion items. Chic with both pants and jeans, these sneakers will certainly earn their way to the front row of your closet.

Do you prefer leather or velvet? Both versions have been manufactured with the utmost care in an Italian workshop, where footwear experts work and shape the leather for more than a week. All models are laced and colours vary from brown to red to navy blue. These glam sneakers are offered in two models: the low top one goes no higher than the ankle while the high top version goes a bit higher up. The price ranges between $690 and $990, depending on the pair.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Tom Ford


Leather, Vintage, Tom Ford


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