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Walk-Over Shoes, Instant Crush Guaranteed!

September 19, 2013

Founded in 1874, American firm Walk-Over Shoes is currently one of the leading boot and shoe manufacturing companies. A guarantee of quality, durability and comfort, their products certainly compete against many others, but the company has never underestimated any of these aspects. Each product undergoes at least seven major stages when handmade. The quality of the leather used in the manufacturing process is another essential aspect of these shoes, and with over 1,000 individual stitches, they are definitely built to last!

No matter what look you prefer—classic, functional or casual—there’s a Walk-Over Shoes style for you. The classic Zachary lace-up boot ($375) will go perfectly with a pair of jeans and your favourite sweater as well as with a tweed or flannel slim-fitting two-piece suit. Made with waterproof leather, the Beck model ($395) is super practical for the winter. For a more casual look, choose the handsomely crafted Chukkas ankle boots. The cognac-coloured Nashville model ($295) has a trendy bright tangerine and white outsole that makes it ultra stylish.


By: Patricia Trépanier

Photos: Walk-Over Shoes


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