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Devon Tread 1, a Remarkable Timepiece

August 05, 2013

Devon, a Los Angeles-based company that bears the name of its designer, is on a mission to design luxury items reflecting the American dream. Its latest creation, the imposing Tread 1, features four motors powered by a rechargeable battery.

Without a doubt, its genius lies in its four avionic-inspired time belts that display hours, minutes and seconds. Able to run for 14 days before you need to recharge it, this impressive jewel is so complex that an aerospace engineering firm is behind the development of its movement.

With such an outstanding design and a look that jumps out of the ordinary, US$15,000 looks like a worthwhile investment! Push beyond the limits and dare to innovate. Devon has just staked it all on the Tread 1.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Devon


Watch, Devon


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