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SEVENFRIDAY P1-2, a Watch with Industrial Essence

August 16, 2014

Swiss company SEVENFRIDAY aims at offering high quality watches at reasonable prices. The recently launched P1-2 model, which retails for slightly over 1,000 dollars, is the perfect mix of modern and classic.

The stainless steel case is surrounded by an ultra resistant rubber ring that can withstand up to 3 atmospheres of pressure, while the strap is made of authentic white leather. Its design expresses the current aesthetics of the industrial world as seen by its creators, hence the name P1-2 Industrial Essence.

The dial comes in a very chic colour combination: white and silver make up a truly magnificent duo, while some golden parts add edge to the look. The P1-2 can be customized to display 24 hours instead of 12, according to the user’s preference.

On top of it all, SEVENFRIDAY created a stylish wooden packaging that perfectly fits the industrial look of the watch inside.

By: Tom Timmons



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