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Tempus fugit

For 16 years, Meko Mayer knew nothing but the adrenaline rush from “pacification” operations which made his name in the agency business. A stunning chain of historical events that no one will ever hear about.

By: David Charron

Photos: J.F. Mailhot

Tyrants fell, nations were born, and the world became a better, safer place thanks to him. The time had come to appreciate the pleasures of life, without worrying about a car, a beggar, or a woman. At least professionally.

"Perhaps it was time to put the brakes on,
he thought.

Alone, at peace, contemplating the dawn that would soon awaken the sleeping city, Meko took in his new state, leaning comfortably against the bulletproof window of the opulent workplace that he had rarely frequented. Perhaps it was time to put the brakes on, he thought.


He took the box and then the letter deposited on the desk and immediately recognized the handwriting of its author. A rounded, amiable script perhaps more attributable to fermented malt than to any deliberate intention:


Bastard. I knew we wouldn’t be seeing you today. So you owe me a Nixon. The box read: “at the same time discreet and remarkable, precise, sturdy, timeless and reliable". It’s so you. Give or take a couple of screw-ups.

Farewell Chronos!



Meko smiled and opened the box: a Trader. He was certainly going to miss grumpy old Max.


He slipped the watch onto his wrist, cast a last look at the daylight that now bathed the whole room, and left, never to return.



NAME: The Trader by Nixon
MOVEMENT: 7-hand Swiss-made quartz chronograph with day, date and month.
CASE: 48mm wide, scratch-resistant stainless steel coated with titanium carbide, waterproof to a depth of 200 metres, with scratch- resistant sapphire crystal, custom numbered caseback, and custom levered screw crown and pushers.
BAND: Custom stainless steel coated with titanium carbide with solid bar double-locking butterfly clasp and interchangeable PU band with stainless steel buckle.




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