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ARROW460 Granturismo, a Yacht by Mercedes-Benz Style

April 03, 2014

This 14-metre (or 46-foot) yacht is designed by Silver Arrows Marine and Mercedes-Benz Style. The ARROW460 Granturismo offers the latest innovations and is part of the new line of luxury motor yachts.

The model stands a testament to the world’s best, combining fine automobile design and haute nautical innovation. Dynamic, elegant, and incomparable, the yacht features an elongated bow and allows every passenger to admire the splendour of the seas, whether from inside or outside. A glass pergola, among the craft’s distinctive offerings, works as smoothly as the electric windows of a car. And the materials are, well, nothing short of what you would expect from Mercedes-Benz. Nubuck leather and eucalyptus trim are only a start to the luxury within. The Granturismo offers air conditioning, a built-in wine cellar, and dishwasher.

This treasure fit for Triton will be available for 1.25 million euros.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Mercedes-Benz Style


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