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The Modern Lazzara Breeze 76

July 02, 2013

Lose yourself to a life at sea. Enjoy breathtaking sceneries. Make the most of unique moments aboard this luxurious yacht. Lazzara Yachts, a family business established in Florida for over 50 years, now offers the Breeze 76, a yacht built using the most recent technologies and a good dose of modernity.

This 76.5-foot-long leisure boat can sleep four passengers. Priced at more than US$3 million, you can rest assured that it is fitted out with only the best equipment. It comes with a sophisticated electronic system that allows, among other things, for automatic integration of your iPad. It can attain a maximum speed of 24 knots, i.e. about 45 km/hr.

Enjoy spacious living aboard the Breeze 76 and the dramatic light that floods the “living space-solarium” from its panoramic windows. The boat’s ultra-chic interior features the most luxurious materials and includes a fully equipped kitchen.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Lazzara Yachts


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