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The 2013 G-Class, Extreme Luxury by Mercedes-Benz

November 20, 2012

Mercedes Benz’s G-Class is about as aerodynamic as a truck in reverse. However, preserving all the original features since its inception 33 years ago, this vehicle is just beautiful. Period.

The new generation, especially the AMG version, has undergone some changes, mostly to the interior: a refined dashboard, a streamlined centre console, and newly designed seats. Everything blends in spectacularly.

Yet the real beauty of the G-Class lies beneath the hood. The basic version comes with a simple (!) V8 engine with 382 HP, capable of hauling this large vehicle with remarkable ease. Performance enthusiasts will opt for the AMG with 532 HP and twin-turbo V8 engine. But true fans of speed will prefer the G65 AMG with a V12 engine.

Once your choice has been made, just hit the road for sheer pleasure. In spite of its heavy weight, this vehicle provides a driving experience truly worthy of a truck. Enjoy the invincibility of the G-Class.


By: Bertrand Godin

Photos: Mercedes-Benz


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