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Polaris Slingshot SL LE: Due for an adrenaline rush?

June 10, 2015

During Daytona Bike Week this March, Polaris unveiled a limited edition model of its famous Slingshot reverse trike, the Slingshot SL LE.

Two wheels in front, one wheel in the back, two seats side by side, no roof or doors: the Slingshot is truly like no other. Since the components are exposed to the elements, everything is waterproof, from the seats to the multimedia screen. No need to worry about rain!

The Slingshot was designed for regular roads, not the racetrack. Even so, seated as you are only centimetres off the ground, propelled by the powerful DOHC 4 cylinder, 2.4 litre engine, with its herd of 173 horses, you will experience sensations that you’ve never felt in a car or on a motorcycle. Available with a stereo system, backup camera and Bluetooth connectivity, the Slingshot costs between $21,999 and $27,499 depending on the model and chosen options.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Polaris




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