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2014 Honda Grom, a New Twist (grip)

June 13, 2013

It might not astound you with high horsepower or dazzle you with new technology, but the new Honda Grom will probably put a smile on your face. We weren’t sure what Grom meant, but the closest definition we could find is that is stands for a young snowboarder or surfer.

That begins to make sense when you consider that the Grom, otherwise known as the Honda MSX125, is meant to introduce Gen Y youth to the world of two wheels.

This unique urban prowler pairs minimalist naked-bike styling with an unassuming 125cc air-cooled engine that is fuel injected and delivers just less than 10 horsepower to the rear wheel through a four-speed transmission.

The Grom rolls on fat 12-inch tires, has two disc brakes and weighs just 101 kg for easy in-town handling. A projector headlight and digital instrument panel give it a modern touch.

The Grom, available in black or red, will be released in North America later this year, pricing to be announced.


By: Costa Mouzouris

Photos: Honda




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