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Kayak 1 by McLellan Jacobs, Customized and Luxurious

October 02, 2013

Luxury has reached the world of kayaks. McLellan Jacobs spared no expense in making Kayak 1 a collector’s item.

Built in carbon fibre, this upscale kayak is as light as a feather. It can weigh a maximum of 40 lb (18 kg) depending on customization, and you can choose to add solid teak or walnut elements to the mix.

To make it even more exclusive, McLellan Jacobs goes a step further and includes machined brass and gold-plated fittings. It doesn’t get more unique than that!

Of course, the kayak fulfils its primary role to perfection. However, its design focuses mainly on pleasure rather than performance. Customization options are almost unlimited since Kayak 1 can be ordered in the colour, material and finish of your choice. McLellan Jacobs doesn’t list the product price, so you need to contact the company for pricing enquiries.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: McLellan Jacobs


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