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Oakley AIRWAVE Ski Goggles with Integrated Technology

November 30, 2012

At the cutting edge of technology, Oakley AIRWAVE goggles can keep an eye (literally) on your personal statistics. Full screen graphics integrated into the lens let you access a wealth of information. GPS, Bluetooth technology and many other features and gadgets make these goggles the perfect partner for your adventures.

Whether you're a skier or snowboarder, these goggles will make your feel like a secret agent on a mission. Viewing and sharing your achievements has never been easier. , Record your descent speed, the distance covered, your average speed, even the change in elevation every time you use the goggles and also throughout the season. More adventurous skiers will benefit from various calculations surrounding their jumps: distance, height and air time. All that and much more! You can save your playlist, access your phone and locate your friends.

Available in two colours for $599.95, these goggles are compatible with iPhone and Android.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Oakley


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