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Premium Carbon Fibre Stealth-X Sled by Snolo

February 19, 2013

Remember that sled you used to dream about when you were a kid? Snolo will take you there with its new Stealth-X sled. Prepare to hit the slopes at a blazing speed!

But make no mistake; this premium carbon fibre sled is far from a child's toy. At $2,999, it has been designed for the daredevil. Sturdy yet lightweight, the Stealth-X features a carbon fibre mono shell seat with a padded back rest for maximum comfort during downhill descent.

An ingenious shoulder strap mechanism and a retractable ski easily convert the sled into a backpack, making it a breeze to carry on a trek to a snowy slope in the woods.

Given the impressive speed this sled can reach, its hidden seatbelt will ensure a safe return home after your adventure.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Snolo


Ski, Snowboard, Carbon, Snolo


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