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Salsa Bucksaw X01 2016 Reinvents the Fatbike

November 16, 2015

Salsa Bucksaw X01 2016 redefines the parameters of the fatbike by combining the performance of a full-suspension mountain bike with the incredible versatility of an all-terrain fatbike.

With its fantastic traction, state-of-the-art stability and full suspension, the Salsa Bucksaw X01 is ready for whatever terrain you throw at it. Snow, sand and rocks are no match for this bike. It will take you far off the beaten path.

This new generation of fatbike has slightly narrower rims to retain a surprising level of performance. This lets the Bucksaw eat up both soft surfaces (like snow and sand) and harder surfaces (on trails and the road).

A new breed of hybrid in the increasingly popular fatbike category, Bucksaw is the perfect pick for all extreme and all-terrain riders. Available in aluminium ($6,499) or lightweight carbon ($8,499).


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Salsa Cycles


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