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Bluetooth Nike+ Training System

September 10, 2012

The key to a good training session is in the sole of your shoes. Especially when it holds a Nike+ Bluetooth sensor, turning a simple shoe like the LunarTR1+ into a powerful hi-tech training tool.

Nike has long studied shoe/multimedia player pairings and many runners have adopted the iPod/sensor combo in the past. Now Nike is taking the idea several steps further.

The LunarTR1 and other tech-ready shoes are available with a built-in Bluetooth sensor, which sends information to your smartphone in real time.

Compatible with iPhone and Android, it indicates distance covered, stride, even jumps and intensity. Get a full analysis of your training session, complete with vivid graphics.

The application connects to social media, even allowing die-hards to compare their performance to that of major athletes. LunarTR1 shoe: $235. Increased motivation: priceless.

By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Nike


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