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FiveFingers Lontra Winter Minimalist Shoes by Vibram

March 04, 2013

Winter needs not be synonymous with bulky boots. In fact, winter runners can now add one more product to their list of favourites: the all-new FiveFingers Lontra minimalist shoe, Vibram’s lightweight model that withstands water and snow.

Minimalist shoe buffs have no reason to give up their preferred activity during the cold season. For $150, they can enjoy independent toes, a “barely there” sole, and a feeling of lightness like no other; in short, all features of the typical barefoot-style shoe.


The Lontra shoe conceals fully sealed waterproof seams, while its strategically located neoprene ensures that snow and debris are repelled. Feet are kept warm and dry, at least long enough for a quick run in a storm.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Vibram


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