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Ultra Boost Collective Shoes by Adidas

August 17, 2015

Two major running shoe designers are stepping out of the workshop to unveil their pet project. Creative directors at Adidas, they took great pleasure in creating the self-named The Ultra Boost Collective by James Carnes & Dirk Schönberger.

The result is all contrast. The pure white pair of shoes is made of Dyneema, one of the most leading-edge, durable fabrics used by the German n footwear company. The all-black model sports a knitted top with reflective strips for late-night runs under the stars.

This mini collection by James Carnes and Dirk Schönberger ($330 per model) offers a straight-edge look, high-performance and a generously cushioned sole.

By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Adidas


Running shoes, Adidas


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