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Under Armour Breathable Boxer Briefs

September 30, 2014

The finest clothes in the world mean nothing without top-of-the-line underwear. Under Armour understands this fact well, which is why the company designs underwear that is adjustable and breathable: an indispensable first layer of protection for any athlete.

The snug fit and adjusted cut of the UA BOXERJOCK ($25 and up) ensure an unparalleled comfort without impeding movement. Made of polyester and elastane, these boxers will allow you to move freely without any hindrances.

The UA briefs keep away moisture during exercise, thanks to HeatGear, a material that helps athletes stay cool during peak periods of physical activity.

The light fabric of the UA briefs dries quickly, in addition to inhibiting the microorganisms that cause body odour: perfect for high-performance activities.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Under Armour


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