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Under Armour’s Gemini 2: Smart Standalone Running Shoes

May 25, 2016

Wish you could track all the details of your run without having to lug your phone along? Now you can with Under Armour’s Gemini 2, a pair of smart, completely autonomous running shoes with ultra long-lasting battery.

Cadence, distance, stride and splits: all your running metrics are captured by a microchip built right into the shoe. No smartphone or watch needed. By synchronizing via GPS, your tracked metrics are always precise, detailed and impressively presented on the UA MapMyRun application.

Worried you’ll have to recharge your shoes after a long run? Not necessary! Under Armour promises a battery that will last long after the shoes need to be replaced.

Sold for $179, Gemini 2 also come with one year of customized training plans. Beyond their high-tech features, these shoes also provide great support and Charged Cushioning for optimal energy transfer.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Under Armour


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