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Babolat Play Pure Drive Smart Racquet

June 10, 2014

Your opponents will never be able to figure out your secret weapon. The Babolat Play Pure Drive looks like a typical tennis racquet, but actually has an array of sensors and connections that can help smart players take their game to the next level.

The Play Pure Drive smart racquet’s ($399) comfortable feel and durability are unaffected in the upgrade to 2.0. To digitize the racquet, simply lift the small lid on the handle, which reveals two buttons and a USB port.

With every backhand and every serve, the Play Pure Drive stores a stockpile of information:  hitting power, ball-impact point location, as well as the number and types of swings.

You can view this convenient analysis of your game on your smartphone or computer. Also, since the racquet can run on battery for at least six hours, you do not have to leave the court to recharge it!


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Babolat


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