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Coach Baseball Glove, the Heritage of a Sport

July 26, 2013

Sports buff from your early childhood? Have a taste of the game with this beautiful signature Coach glove, which will bring back a flood of memories. To create this attractive product, Coach partnered with Insignia Athletics, a US company specializing in sports equipment.

While the sports world turns to technology in search of performance, baseball gloves remain simple and eternally classic. Made entirely from leather, this glove comes in various hues, from the majestic old brown to the energizing blue of modern times. Produced in limited edition, it is hand made by craftsmen in the United States. It seems that Coach, the company founded in Manhattan in the 40s, is returning to its roots!

Part of the Heritage Baseball collection, the Coach baseball glove retails for $348. The collection also includes superb balls and beautiful bats. A sight to behold!


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Coach


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